True Bleu

Author: Sherri L. Carroll


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 Skye “Bleu” Aberra, the main character is from a rural town in Alabama and going through

a divorce from a cheating husband. Skye decides to leave her position as Corporal with

the ABI, and accepts a job as a police officer in Miami, FL, opting for a new beginning

far away from the life she once knew. It was difficult because this is where her dad was

gunned down by gang members when she was 15 years old. She wanted to honor him and

his legacy. But God was telling her there is more for her. She had always prayed for God

to send her a man He created just for her. A God fearing man, full of love for his family,

faith, loyalty and one who was real. Being 48 years old, she was now doubtful one existed,

but her faith in God led her to follow His nudging her out of her comfort zone and telling

her it’s time to move.

She ran face to face into 50 year old Haitian Rico Viciere in the grocery store, and her

world changed. All her defenses seemed to vanish and she knew this was the one. He

was in love with her at first sight. He was drawn to her blue eyes. He loved “Bleu”. That

was his nickname based on his love of her eyes, not knowing her dad gave her that for her

middle name. From their first encounter, it was as if they knew one another and felt they

were led to meet.

She sensed his withdrawal when she spoke of her past on the Gang Task Force and

possibility of promotion to the unit with Miami PD. Finally he comes clean of his time

in prison for drug smuggling, carjacking and armed robbery. She feels he’s holding back.

He’s frightened to tell her his truth because she had opened up about her dad. He knew

how she felt about gangs. Could she get past this? Would his past ruin their future?

Would her southern Alabama family be accepting of someone of a different race and

culture with a questionable past?

Sherri was born and raised in the small town of Slocomb, AL. She is the

oldest of three girls. She graduated Slocomb High School in 1991 and

attended Wallace College to obtain her EMT License and worked as an

E911 Dispatcher for several years. She married her second husband, David

“Butch” in 1998 and left Law Enforcement to pursue her passion for hair and

makeup, acquiring her Master Cosmetology License and opening a successful

salon of her own until closing it in 2016. It allowed her the freedom to obtain

her Associates Degree in General Education with a focus on business & political science

from Troy University, be there for her son and homeschool him, and be there for her family.

After closing the salon Sherri spent some time managing in retail but has since left the

retail world to focus on her true crime podcast called Crime Explorer’s Shack, her writing,

and she has a real life job in quality control with a corporation.

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Pages: 152 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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