More Mature Message – A Poetic Hip-Hop Journey

Author: Juan Luis Lopez Gaines & Rahsaana Johnson


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More Mature Message is based on a journey between two writers that were connected through a Facebook Poetry group. This journey resulted in friendship and the work developed in this book are pieces of art from each artist over time. The result of this friendship and spiritual connection is a, More Mature Message.

They spoke through their art, which is one of the purest forms of expression. As the music of Krazy The Real 1 is released, you will notice some of the poetry in the book was formed into music.

As you read the content of the book, you will also notice the genuine kinship and spiritual relationship that matured over time. Additionally, Saan John & Krazy The Real 1 developed a true spiritual relationship and business partnership.

The book is spiritual, rhythmic, and fun. It shows real people and raw talent combined with street, truth, and believers of God. Distance was never a factor for these natives, separately from the East and West coast (Jersey and Los Angeles). We hope you enjoy this hip-hop spiritual journey with us!!

Juan Luis Lopez Gaines also known as Krazy The Real 1 is a person who expresses himself fully through music, comedy, conversations, poetry and his writings but expressed in Truth. Born and raised in Jersey City, he first discovered his talents while living in Marion Garden Projects then later moved to East Orange, NJ. Growing up in the city, he fought a lot. He brought people together from different rival groups. He graduated high school from Henry Snyder High School while lining on Clerk St where he met his first wife.

He is from the streets with a Puerto Rican & Black Culture background. He has 11 brothers and sisters and a strong family. Loyal Love is what he lives by.

Juan discovered his true writing abilities when he was asked to write about a hero that was in his life. This assignment was giving to everything school in Jersey City. His English 4 Honors teacher who he had sone difficulties with, after reading his letter. She edited it and submitted it without him knowing. One day the principal came over the announcement system to announce the 2 winners from Henry Snyder High School. He was giving a plaque by the Mayor of Jersey City and his mother has that essay on her wall 24 years later.

Now as a business coach and writer & His experience as a father, community leader and Navy Sailor has enhanced his vision and he utilizes his gifts to improve the lives of others.

He enjoys the journey but loves his family. His beautiful children are Diamond Lopez,son King and Ace and step daughter Mimi.

Rahsaana Johnson (Saan John) was born on the Eastside of Los Angeles and consequently at Cedar Sinai Hospital (Hospital of the Stars). It's told that she was born at the same time Diana Ross was giving birth to one of her daughters. Hip-hop has always long been a part of her culture. The first rap song she loved was Lotty Dotty by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick. She used to "play" write rap songs with her uncle and brother till she realized she had poetic writing talent all on her own. She was entered into a poetry contest in high school by her English teacher. She shared the news with her Big Brother and he told her, she always had the talent and that she can do anything.

Fast forward to More Mature Message, A Poetic Hip-Hop Journey. This is Saan John's first writing piece to be released. Additionally, she obtained her Master of Science degree in Leadership in the midst of this journey. You will experience some of who she is through this work of art and it is an intro of more books to come through this artist.

Although Saan John has had her struggles with single parenting two daughters, suffered some tragedies, and moved around lots as a child, she has a very positive outlook on life and is ready to share life with the world.

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