A Moment In Time

Author: Adrian Cordero


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This book is about poems I’ve written to previous girlfriends, friends, family, thoughts and my late father which were the reasons why I was inspired to write. They vary from some sadness, to longing, love and acknowledgment of my beloved significant other at that time. My style varies as such my feeling is expressed throughout the verbiage. Some are more inspirational and others are short and simple yet to the point. Stories are told by some and love words expressed between two loving persons. This way of writing has always inspired me since middle school to reach out to people and have them feel my emotions through my writing, my poems.

My name is Adrian Cordero, I was born in El Paso, TX. on July 3rd, 1977. I went to Canutillo School District and graduated. The poems written in this book are a collection of poems that I have written personally throughout my life and throughout the different relationships I've had with previous girlfriends and some simply thoughts. I started writing in middle school on a notebook I had when I was bored but never shared that with anyone until recent years.

I've always enjoyed writing poems as an escape, as a release mechanism and simply just a form of expressing my feelings and thoughts and or when feeling inspired. Different times and situations caused me to write more and thus made me be more thorough in my writing and write with more emotion to make the reader feel deeply what I'm saying and connect with them. Overall, I've gained followers with my poems and luckily have a small fan base. Hopefully with this book, I can gain a bigger fan base and also help others relate to some of my poems and or help inspire them.

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Pages: 50 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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