Author: Eyen Ward


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Set in the fictional New York City, “North city” is fraught with gang activity, gang violence, and violence in general! We follow the gang leader of the infamous gang North city eastmen “Leader” who’s goal is to one day own all of North city in the name of his gang; this proves difficult when the North city eastmen have been away for nearly two years and everyone has all but forgotten their impact on the community; who everyone haven’t forgotten however, is Dragon, the biggest crime boss in all of North city today who rules with a cruel iron fist, after meeting Leader his patience quickly wears thin making the gang lay low until they can strike once again, with more money and power.

Born to a lower-middle class household my family met economic hurtles; living paycheck to paycheck; growing up I could look up and see the world above me, form my own opinions from the relative bottom; I pride myself off unbiased observation and try to reflect that in my writing; things are how they are; in this regard people are people, no matter the background; in this book many of the “protagonist” are to be portrayed as African-american or darker in skin tone, from a merchandising point of view I fear this isn’t very immersive to the tastes consumers; however, I wrote this story as a work of art, I grew up watching Japanese animations and like any child awestruck at the action of anime like Dragon ball or One Piece I aspired to make my own! I’ve enjoyed crafting this story and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Black & White

Pages: 220 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novel

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