Ephesians 6:12 How We Will End Murder And War On Earth

Author: David Johnson


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This book is about how we can end the act of murder and war on earth. These acts do not serve our world in a positive way and needs to be eradicated. We can settle all of our differences through the spirit which is talking and reasoning peacefully in our minds. Physical acts against each other when we have issues doesn’t completely end our problems that we are facing.

Physical violence is a temporary fix to a permanent issue. We can talk all of our problems out and live peacefully among one another. I believe that my studies from the Bible can play a part in how we can end physical violence in our world. I studied the Bible for a couple years very deeply and these are the things God revealed to me.

 My name is David Johnson and I’m 30 years old at this time and from Long Beach, CA. I joined the United States Air Force at the age of 17. I wanted to impact our world in a positive way and help out any way I could. I started studying the Bible in a deep way in 2017.

I did this to help myself and the world because I heard that God can reveal information to you if you dedicate your mind and soul to him. I believe he revealed information to me through the spiritual realm to help with issues that we have in our world. I hope this book can have some type of impact on all societies around the world.

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