The Ego Cycle : .....way the modern world work

Author: Ranjeet Singh


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The Ego Cycle: The Way the Modern World Works is a book that includes the process that has been followed by humans for over 550 years. From the voyage of Columbus to the present, numerous events happened. Those incidents affected humanity in a lousy approach, whether the Western nations progressed. However, the other countries suffered a lot. In this book all those events are related to ego.

The book begins with an overview which shows how humans developed. The five virtues of human character have been defined first and then how humans set different parameters all around the world been shown. We know humans are not treated equally because they developed a lot of macro and micro fences around themselves for the sake of society, religion, countries and so on.

All those fences are the worst result of ego.


Furthermore, this book is formatted in a cycle which starts with humans and ends with humans. Meanwhile, human follows a long journey of changes from where the ego shoots up. Ego is firmly holding the modern societies, and this book will introduce the journey of ego to the readers.

Lastly, human are not mean to be egoistic. But the way they built up, they harmed Mother Nature, is completely devastating. Billions of people suffered and are still suffering because of the hardship that humans brought during the progression is shown in an order.

Ranjeet Singh, the author of the book, is a mechanical engineer. He is graduated from Kurukshetra University, India, with honors. He is intensively studying the useless activities that humans have done in the previous five centuries to dominate the planet Earth. Briefly, these activities were not even worth happening. Some of them were really alarming and ended with only the worst results. He observed those activities and related them with the egoistic character of human beings.

With this approach, the author set up a new perspective to simplify the dominance of human beings on the Earth. All those antihuman activities need the attention of the common people those are indirectly involved in solving the matter of just two egoistic bodies. Let’s jump into a different approach and comprehend a different viewpoint.

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