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Finding one’s self, we all know, is a journey that we are all plagued with at some point in life. This search can prove to be endless because the average person easily morphs to suite situations and circumstances. Mental health and emotional stability can be deemed two useful tools on the road to self-discovery; however, mental illness is plaguing our society, whether diagnosed or not. Unfortunately, some don’t have the means to overcome the illness or the benefit of supportive family members to help them through the challenging times. Therefore we cope, usually unsuccessfully, blaming others for our mistakes and downfall. A wise man once said, “We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.” This is my story and how I found myself and learned that even though my struggles brought me such great sorrows, they proved to be both a curse and a blessing. They helped me to grow mentally. And as I go along life’s journey, I continue to learn new and innovative coping skills.

Ethnelda is a small-town girl from far away. She has always aspired to be great. However, due to life’s many hurdles and struggles, she usually settled for what was right in front of her and suffered greatly for those poor choices. After separating from her kids’ dad, she decided that she would never date again, that was until she accidentally fell in love. She was single for over eleven years and was now certain of what she wanted in a relationship. So with her new guy, she was sure that he possessed all of what she needed. With hope for a successful future, she took the leap of faith and got married. Pretty soon, bits and pieces of new information about her new husband started surfacing that soon unraveled the entire foundation of the relationship. She did her best to try and salvage what remained of her marriage, but it was too late. The damage was done. With a heavy heart, she began reinventing herself. It’s the only thing she could do since she was far away from home. In a twist of fate, she felt this process was necessary to nurture forgiveness, love of God and neighbor.

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