Animal Tails: A Firefly’s Night

Author: Zallina Kira Johnson


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A firefly has only two months to live and one goal to complete...

A firefly has one goal in life: to find a mate and lay their eggs before their luck runs out. But will this group of wandering fireflies be able to find their mates and lay their eggs, or will they wander and search to find nothing? Will they be able to differentiate female fireflies from the flickering of human lights that are wrapped around the trees, or will their weeklong journey be for nothing?

My name is Zallina Kira Johnson. I have always loved books and the different stories that each one had. So I would always enjoy creating my own original stories in a paper book, and as time passed, I grew to love creating these stories and hoped one day, I would be able to publish them so that everyone could read them. I live in Cumming, Georgia, with my mom and two sisters, along with my four pets: one sweet parakeet named Emerald and three cats-Simba, Kion, and Gracie. I am currently a middle schooler, aged twelve, and I have a lot of teachers to thank as to why I am so excited to publish these books, especially one of my teachers, Mr. Pullano. He took the time to read my book and has been a really supportive teacher while I have been writing my books.

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Black & White

Pages: 50 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Children

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