5 Easy to Follow Tips for Writing a Self-Help Book

Writing a self-help book is a dream for many a writer. And why not? Would you not be psyched to share your insights and philosophy with the world? Would you not be excited to help people and earn money on the side? 

In many ways, writing a self-help book is a worthy endeavor. But before you write a self-help book, you should know that it is not as easy as you would think. So before you start writing, you should have a set strategy. 

Here are 5 Easy to follow tips for writing a self-help book: 

1. Know what you’re talking about

If you are going to write a self-help book, you should really be as knowledgeable as you can about the topic. Don’t just spout off tips and advice, and not have any experience or knowledge about what you are writing. Choose a topic that you have an intimate knowledge of. 

That way, should any of your readers ask questions or have doubts on your knowledge about the topic, you will have the skills and experience to back up your statements.

2. Identify your target audience

When choosing the topic for your self-help book, it is always a good idea to know your target audience first. By knowing your target audience, you will be able to cater your topic, writing and ultimately your book marketing process according to their preferences. 

It will also make the overall book publishing process a lot more focused because you won’t waste time and energy convincing less interested demographics to read your book.

3. Have research to back up your statement

Readers can be very inquisitive and finicky about facts. So if you don’t want your readers to question the authenticity of your work and insights, you should really do your research. 

When you conduct your research, make sure that you keep all the links and facts to your research work. When you make a statement, you should state references to back it up. 

Overall, the more references you have to back up your work the better.

4. Make the reader care about your topic

Once you find your target time, it is now imperative to make them care about your topic. So you will need a hook. You will need to make your readers intrigued about what you are writing about. 

So if you are writing a book on weight loss, finances, or enlightenment you should do your best to make your potential reader excited about your topic. 

This hook could come in the form of a promise, a testimonial or plain hard facts. All in all, if you want your potential readers to be drawn to your work, you must find a way to make them care about your topic.

5. Draw from your own experiences

As it was stated earlier, it is important that you make your potential readers care about your topic. And one of the best ways to do this, is to draw from your own experiences. 

By doing so, you will be able to back up what you are saying and give your statements a strong foundation. 

So if you are writing a self-help book on enlightenment, then cite your own experiences on how you were able reach your philosophy and state of mind. The same could be said for self-help books on weight loss, finances, religion etc. 

Overall, by stating an experience that you went through, you will be able to give your book a stronger foundation and help your potential readers believe in your work.

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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