Should I Self-Publish With Writers Republic?

Today, self-publishing has become mainstream, and many self-publishing companies have begun to spring up. One of these companies is Writers Republic.

From a quick look, Writers Republic may seem like your typical self-publishing company. And given that it is relatively new, some people may wonder if it is worth publishing. This is a valid concern, knowing that self-publishing a book can cost a good amount of money.

So before you sign up with Writers Republic, you should know what you are getting into. Here is a short overview to help you decide.

1. Writers Republic allows you to publish in various writing formats.

One of the best things about Writers Republic is the versatility of the services offered. Writers Republic allows you to publish in various writing formats. Through Writers Republic, you can publish either softcover or hardcover books, or even children’s books of your own. You can also have your book published in e-book format. This is because Writers Republic offers a selection of great publishing packages.

Writers Republic offers three major publishing packages to choose from. They are the Black and White, Premium Color, and Children’s Book package. And each one of these packages has different services that cater to specific needs and budgets.

  • The Black and White package caters to the usual text-based form and can be used to print in the softcover, hardcover, or e-book format. Its sub-packages are divided into Professional, Premium and Executive. The services in these packages differ based on their specific design and budget range.
  • The Premium Color package caters to writers who are publishing picture books or books that have colored images in them. These are usually for coffee-table books, concept books, board books, etc. Its sub-packages are Professional, Premium and Executive. And like its text-based counterpart, the packages are divided according to their specialty and budget range.
  • The Children’s Book package is primarily intended for children’s books. It is differentiated from the picture book package because children’s books entail a lot more intensive work, illustration-wise. Its sub-packages are Circus, Utopia and Castlevania. The differences between the packages are predominantly the price range and the extensiveness of the marketing program.

2. The self-publishing company offers a multitude of great book marketing services.

When it comes to publishing a book, you will always have to take book marketing into account, and luckily, Writers Republic has book marketing services in spades.

Here is a short list of marketing services offered by Writers Republic.

  • Online Marketing: With this service, Writers Republic will thrust its client authors into the limelight by enhancing their online discoverability. Here are a few of the online marketing services that Writers Republic offers:
    • Book Preview Program: Give your readers the chance to browse and view pages from your book using the book preview program. That way, they'll know what they're getting if they buy your book.
    • Website Design: Create your own website using the web design service. This will not only increase your online presence but will also aid in the development of your author platform.
    • Press Releases: You will be provided with a 400-word news release. The press releases will circulate over 17,500 media channels to offer your book optimum media exposure.
  • Publicity: With this service, the company will develop great book marketing strategies that will make the book marketing campaign much more effective and efficient. Here are a few of the online marketing services that Writers Republic offers:
    • Digital Magazine: Spark readers’ curiosity by featuring your book in a digital magazine. It makes it easier for your intended audience to find and buy your book. And seeing as it is in digital form, this cuts out the need for physical distribution.
    • LA Times Book Ad: Promote your book through LA Times, one of the most widely recognized publications in the US.
    • Ingram Advertising: This is a print marketing campaign that gives you advertising space in any of the Ingram catalogs.
  • Radio, TV, Video Advertising: Although these kinds of media are now considered traditional, they are still being used by the majority of the people. Writers Republic will provide client authors with the services needed to take advantage of traditional media.
  • Book Video: Tease your readers by focusing on the narrative arc of your book. Through this service, you can draw attention to your book.
  • Radio Interview: You can now take over the airwaves via a radio interview with some of the country’s most prominent radio hosts. Through this interview, you will have the chance to talk about your book and invite prospective readers.
  • Author Video Interview: Writers Republic will utilize new media and put together great marketing opportunities for you. Through an author video interview, you can craft your own personal message to potential readers.
  • Book Events: Writers Republic offers client authors services that will enhance brand recognition through national and international book events.
  • Book Fair: Your book will be featured at various book fairs where it will gain a lot of exposure from potential fans.
  • Book Reviews: Gain author credibility by getting your book reviewed by well-known book review companies.
    • Pacific Book Review: This book review company is one of the most respected in the world. And a good review can make or break your writing career. This is why Writers Republic has created a service where you can have your book thoroughly reviewed. The reviews will then be distributed through various media forms to get you effective brand exposure.
    • SFBR Bundle: With this service, you will be given the chance to have your book reviewed by the San Francisco Book Review, a prominent book review company that can garner you a great deal of brand recognition.
    • BlueInk Review Bundle: Through the BlueInk Review Bundle, you will be provided with honest and well-written book reviews. The reviews will then be featured on book retailers and online databases such as Ingram Book Company and more.

3. The self-publishing company offers around-the-clock assistance.

Should client authors need assistance and publishing advice, Writers Republic is always willing to help. The company hires a multitude of well-trained publishing agents that will make the publishing process, not only efficient but enjoyable as well. One of Writers Republic’s best features is that it offers around-the-clock assistance.

The publishing agents are adept at their jobs and make sure that the publishing process goes as smoothly as possible. In many ways, this is one of the company's key selling points. You can contact Writers Republic through these numbers.

  • Phone Number: 1-887-656-6838
  • Fax Number: 1-877-719-2073

4. Writers Republic offers a myriad of great add-ons and promos.

As was stated earlier, publishing a book takes a great deal of work. This is why Writers Republic offers various great add-ons to make the book publishing and marketing process much more effective and easy. Here is a short list of the add-ons:

  • Illustration: With this add-on, author clients can now hire top-notch illustrators
  • Book Cover Design: This add-on gives author clients the chance to have their book cover custom-made by a team of highly trained publishing professionals.
  • Back Cover Copywriting: The back cover copywriting will give potential readers choice details about the book that will push them to buy your book.
  • Corrections/Revisions Services: With this great service, you can make sure that your book is as polished and well-edited before you release it to the public.
  • Interior Graphics: With the interior graphics service, author clients can now gain access to in-stock images that would suit their book’s needs.
  • Hardback Upgrade: Make your hardcover as eye-catching as possible with the Hardback Upgrade.
  • US Copyright Registration: This convenient service will give you security against any possible copyright breach.

5. Writers Republic has an online bookstore.

It is a well-known fact that traditional bookstores don’t cater to self-published books, which has been a concern for many writers through the years. Writers Republic has taken notice of this need. The company has its online bookstore that sells its authors’ works.

Through this online bookstore, clients can now reach out to potential buyers. They will no longer have to feel the sting of rejection from traditional bookstores. They also don’t have to stockpile copies of their work and risk them getting damaged in the long run. Authors can now reach their full marketing potential through the online bookstore without dealing with traditional bookstores.

6. Writers Republic has a very efficient royalty policy.

Book royalties can be a very touchy subject for some publishing companies. But with Writers Republic, things can’t be any more transparent. Here are the key points of Writer Republic royalty policy:

  • All book sales, or royalties, will be paid to the author except for the following:
    • sales of used book copies
    • sales of the book to the author alone
    • book copies were given to any person for free
  • Writers Republic will give out 80% royalties of net profit of your book quarterly.
  • The quarterly payments will only be made when the amount due to you reaches $50.
  • Your book’s total revenue and royalties are based on a calendar quarter, wherein royalty due will be paid within 90 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

If you still have a few questions about Writers Republic and what it is all about, here are a few facts to make things clearer:

  • Writers Republic is a venue for self-publishing authors who want to showcase their works to the world.
  • Writers Republic laid its foundations in early 2019 and is comprised of core teams dedicated to assisting authors in every phase of the book publishing process.
  • Writers Republic is an international company. The company not only caters to authors in the United States but overseas as well.
  • Writers Republic is not limited to English-written books. The company also caters to non-English books as well.
  • Writers Republic is an IBPA-accredited company, so there should be no doubt about its legitimacy.

7. Great feedback from client authors

One of the best indicators of whether a company is worth working with is the feedback from its clients. In this aspect, Writers Republic truly shines.

If you look at the company's reviews and testimonials page, you will see that a good number of authors were happy with the services they received from the company. This only shows how effective and efficient the company is in every aspect of the self-publishing process.

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