5 Effective Tips on How to Reach out to Literary Agents

If you are thinking of publishing a book, you should know that there are many facets to take into account of. One such aspect is getting the right representation for your book.

Remember that you will have to compete with a myriad of authors out there, and if you don’t have the right people to protect your literary interests, you will surely have a hard time in the process. So before you set out and release your book, you should find the right literary agent to represent you. 

But seeing as there is a myriad of literary agents out there, you will need to have a set plan. 

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Here are 5 Effective tips on how to reach out to literary agents:

  • Make a list

Before you set out and choose a literary agent, you should be as systematic as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to make a list of what you want in a literary agent. 

These qualities should affect your book marketing campaign, and also ensure that the literary agent you choose is easy to work with. So make a list. 

These qualities could be efficiency, connections, trustworthiness, etc. By making a list, you will at least know what you are looking for in a literary agent.

  • Research their background

Once you start looking for a literary agent, you should be as discerning as possible. Don’t just get the first literary agent that comes to you. 

Instead, you should research each and every one of their backgrounds. Check their client list. 

Ask their former and current clients how effective the literary agents are. Ask them how these perspective agents conducted themselves. 

You should also check for any red flags that may harm your book marketing campaign.

  • Write an effective query letter

Once you find a literary agent that you like, you should prepare the best query letter possible. What is a query letter

This is a type of letter that is specifically sent to literary agents. These letters are meant to convince a literary agent to work with you. 

And it has to be as convincing as possible. The letter must be quick and concise. It must be straight to the point and above all else, it should sell your work. 

You could also include other examples of your work. If you have an author blog, you could also provide a link so the literary agent could see other examples of your work.  

When it comes to finding a literary agent, it always pays to put your best foot forward.

  • Develop a thick skin

Don’t send out too many query letters. Limit it to around 6 to 7 letters at a time. That way you can maximize your opportunities and still keep track of all your letters. 

Remember that not all literary agents will reply to your letters. Or if they do, the replies will not be positive. So you should really try to develop thick skin. 

If the literary agent accepts you as a client, then it is all well and good. But if you get a negative response, don’t get insulted. Learn from the experience and just try harder.

  • Stay optimistic

As it was stated earlier, you should develop thick skin. But aside from a thick skin, you should also be as optimistic as possible. By having an optimistic outlook on the entire process, you won’t be discouraged if things don’t go your way. 

Just remember, every author had to go through this type of challenge. And if you really want to succeed as a writer, you should just keep moving forward.

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