4 Tips for Finding the Right Writing Group for You

Being a writer can be a lonely process. This is because writing is sometimes perceived as a solitary activity. And that if other people are involved, it might damage your concentration. 

But in truth. Writing does not have to be a lonely process. And the more people involved in the process can make it a lot more immersive and enjoyable. 

One way to involve people in the writing process is to join a writing community. But seeing as there is a myriad of writing communities out there, it can be difficult. 

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Here are 4 great tips for finding the right writing group for you:

  • Choose with your genre in mind

When choosing your writing community, you should always do it with your genre in mind. This is because the writing community you choose will most likely be your support system once you do start writing a book. And if you are writing in the same genre as the people in your writing community, you will get a great deal of support and advice. 

You will also have a better chance of selling your book to them in the future. For example, you can join a writing community that writes fanfiction for a book that you like. And by joining this group, you will not only improve as a writer but enjoy yourself as well. 

So before you even think of joining a writing community, make sure that it is interested in your chosen genre.

  • Make sure that the members are people you could get along with

people you get along with

It is also imperative that the members of your writing community are people you could get along with. Whether your community is online or just from your neighborhood, it is still important that the members are decent and respectful people. Remember that being a writer is like walking a tightrope. 

And the slightest disruption can throw you off. And toxic and unhelpful members can really throw you off your writing game. So if you are going to create or join a writing community, make sure it is made up of like-minded individuals who could help you grow and reach your full writing potential.

  • It should offer various activities that will help you grow as a writer

various activities

Aside from the members, the writing group should offer various activities that will help you grow as a writer. For example, if you are going to join an online writing community, you should make sure that they are not only a writing community in the name. A good writing community should be able to host writing activities and events that will challenge you to be a better writer. 

These events can be writing activities that help improve your basic writing skills such as your grammar, spelling, or character writing. Or a writing contest wherein the best or the fastest writer can win prizes. Overall, the more activities, a writing group has, the more inviting it will be to writers.

  •  It should be a free and open place where you can share your work

free open space to write

A writing community should be a safe space for writers. It should be a place where people can grow and learn how to improve their craft. So if you are going to choose a writing community, you should choose one that does not have any restrictions. 

It should be a place where you can explore and write about any concept. All in all, your writing group should be somewhere you can relax and share your perceptions with the other members.

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