Book Launch Program

Holding the actual printed copy of the book is not the end of the publishing process. Getting it out there is when you roll your sleeves up and get the promotion ball rolling. Writers Republic intends to propel your book forward and make sure it hits the market pool. Our Book Launch Program fulfils all your book marketing needs, including establishing communication and interactions with readers. This could be accomplished through planned marketing platforms and specifically designed strategies designed by our dedicated specialists to boost your campaign. We’ll ensure that your brand stays up-to-date with modern trends on every relevant media and digital platform.

Book Launch Program

  • Get featured in online media advertising platforms through a full-page ad in digital magazine advertising.
  • Encompass a wider scope of demographic with Writers Republic’s Media Release Campaign
  • Our Social Media Management service allows you to keep up with the latest news and trends

Book Launch Program Features

  • Press Release submission to selected media outlets based on location and your book category; recipients will include print, broadcast, and online media with media release campaign
  • Book advertisement in a full-page ad through digital magazine ad
  • Build connection by setting up your own platform to interact with your readers via web design and management
  • Monitor and participate in conversations in social network platforms via social media management
  • Create visibility of your online platform and its content through search engine optimization
  • Use of social media networks to manage and grow an organization's message and online presence using social media optimization
  • Author blog posting
  • Campaign Duration: 1 Month

Note: We highly suggest you use the Book Launch Program service for six months or longer to build an influence and maintain a connection with your readers. The Service Fulfillment Report will be given on a monthly basis.



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