Audiobook Premium

Turn your written literary piece into a spoken word through our audiobook premium service. Audiobook offers an intense and emotional delivery, which can evoke the emotions you want from your readers. Hook your readers with a one-minute audio trailer that will be distributed among the widely used media libraries across the globe—Audible, Amazon, and even in iBooks!

Audiobook provides better retention and saves time for busy people who can’t find spare time to read your work. Extend your reach to a whole new fraction of readers and let them experience a superior quality of reading convenience through your audiobook!


  • A variety of professional voice actors for you to choose from
  • Royalty-free music/sound for the intro/outro & between chapters
  • A digital copy of your audiobook
  • Fully produced audio trailer with nearly 1 minute in length
  • Audiobook distribution through Audible, Amazon, and iBooks
  • ISBN registration


Service Requirements

 Audiobooks uploaded to ACX/Audible/Amazon/iBooks must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The book must be published in print or eBook format.
  • The contents of the published book and audio recordings must match.
  • Copyright for audio tracks/music must be obtained to be included in your audiobook conversion.

Failure to adhere to the above requirements will result in rejection of titles and retail release will be delayed.

Dual Narration

Want to have a male narrator read the chapters written from the male perspective and do all the voices in those chapters (both male and female), and vice versa? Then dual narration is perfect for you. Dual narration is the process where the point of view (POV) may change at the end of a section or chapter. The narrators will split the job and recount the sections related to their character. Each narrator will do the voices of all characters, since they are all telling the story from their own point of view.

Duet Narration

Need to have an audiobook where the dialogue is intercut within the chapter? We’ve got you covered! Duet narration is the process where the two narrators interact throughout the story, each narrator will always voice the lines and thoughts of their own characters. Duet narration can provide a realistic dialogue exchange and make scenes feel more authentic.

Important Note: The audiobook royalty rate is 40% of the overall net revenue. Setting the price is at the sole discretion of our audiobook retailers such as Audible, Amazon and iBooks. The audiobook price is generally calculated based on its entire length. Copyright for audio tracks/music must be obtained to be included in your audiobook conversion.

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