Audiobook Premium

Another effective tool that can be valuable as another marketing platform is our audiobook premium. Capture your audience with a one-minute audio trailer that will be distributed among the widely used media libraries across the globe—Audible, Amazon, and even in iTunes! Audiobooks provide better retention and saves time for busy people who can’t find spare time to read your work. Let your audience experience a quality convenience through your audiobooks and extend your reach to a whole new fraction of readers!


  • Audiobook conversion for over 10,000 words
  • A variety of professional voice actors for you to choose from
  • Royalty-free music/sound for the intro/outro & between chapters
  • 2 sets of master CDs and all chapters converted into high-quality MP3 files
  • A digital copy of your audiobook
  • Fully produced audio trailer with nearly 1 minute in length
  • Audiobook distribution through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes
  • ISBN registration

Please NoteAudiobook royalty rate is 80% of the overall net revenue. Audiobook conversion additional words are $0.140 per word. Authors get the chance to set its price with these packages. Take note that if no retail price is specified, the default retail price will be set to a minimum of $3.99 in our website. Audible will do the pricing for resellers, but you can set the price for the rest. CD duplication & replication is not provided by us. Master CD shipping is FREE exclusively for US only.

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