Line Editing

$0.032/ word

Line editing is a comprehensive style of editing that looks more into how you, as author, utilized the language in conveying your story/message to your readers. More than just combing for technical oversights as in punctuation, spelling, and grammar, line editing ensures the cohesion of surrounding context and checks if the sentences evoke the intended thought you wanted to impart to your readers.

Line Editing looks out for the following specifics:

  • Perspective
  • Point of View
  • Character Voice
  • Character Development
  • Plot Structure
  • Overall Theme
  • Overall Consistency
  • Overall Weaknesses within the Story

Line editing is more into checking the composition of already-written sentences if they are not redundant, having no dangling modifiers, unclear meaning, word usage depending on context, consistency in pronoun use/narration, basic fact-checking.

Note: All editing services have a 5,000-word minimum charge. We advise you to submit your manuscript for a copyediting process after the structural editing process.

Allocated Time of Fulfillment runs two to three weeks, depending on the company’s work backlogs and manuscript intricacy.


This structural editing service can only be availed within the production phase and is not applicable to books that have already been printed or are already displayed to be sold.


  • Only one round of FREE revision or modification will be granted; the succeeding revisions to take place will already be subjected to the standard rate.
  • Please ensure that all requested alterations or corrections are forwarded to us in one communication. Standard rates will apply on the additional incremental corrections.

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