Content Editing

Content editing or substantive editing covers the integral fine-tuning of the manuscript. This style of editing concentrates on possible factual slips, discrepancies, and conflicts in circumstances of your characters (for fiction). 

Content editing is seeing the bigger picture, including cohesion of ideas and organization of parts presented in the manuscript. Depending on the genre of your manuscript, the content editor ensures the consistency of the tone and preserves the author’s writing style while exercising editorial judgment on ambiguous areas.

Content editing reviews the following specifics:

(for fiction)

  • Storyline discrepancies
  • Plot and character disparity, dialogue issues, perspective in narration
  • Listed facts in the story plot that may require consent or authorization from an outside source

(for nonfiction)

  • Credibility of sources
  • Verification of facts and theories included in the content

Criteria for content editing:

  • Our editors will focus on reviewing the consistency of plot details, characters, and setting for fiction.
  • For nonfiction titles, the editor will confirm and correct the consistency of information, ideas, and precision of factual statements.

Note: All editing services have a 5,000-word minimum charge. We advise you to submit your manuscript for a copyediting process after the structural editing process.

Content editing usually takes two to three weeks, depending on the company’s work backlogs and manuscript intricacy.


This structural editing service can only be availed within the production phase and is not applicable to books that have already been printed or are on sale.


  • Only one round of FREE revision or modification will be granted; the succeeding revisions will be subjected to the standard rate.
  • Please ensure that all requested alterations or corrections are forwarded to us in one communication. Standard rates will apply on the additional incremental corrections.

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