Formatting & Layout Service

Let’s face it, some of us are good at pointing out someone else’s poor formatting skills but missed to see ours; to give a solution to that, we’ve outlined an add-on that’ll polish your book’s formatting and layout appearance. Writers Republic’s Formatting & Layout Service offers the following categories:

  • Template-based or customized options
  • Work with professional layout artists
  • From 1 up to 3 rounds of no upfront fee revisions
  • Advanced formatting options
  • Accepts specific instructions from author clients

Basic $99

Writers Republic’s Basic Formatting & Layout add-on is ideal for books with straight narrative suchlike a publisher’s logo or image. The Basic feature is recommended for books that involves straight narratives such as novels and the like.


  • Will be based on template
  • Commended for books that consist of straight narrative (ex. Novels).
  • Strictly based on templates. Authors cannot touch the format or layout.
  • One (1) round of free revision (the number of corrections are not limited as long as it is given one-time).

Disclaimer: The basic add-on does not include layout in images, tables, graphs, lists, subheading, poetry, footnotes, etc.

Customized $299

Customized feature entitles you to share your preferred layout and formatting ideas to our artists where they can cater your book needs and even go further to your projected result. The output comprises the insertion of up to 25 photos, drop caps, fonts, chapter titles, page number placement, tables, charts, text boxes, graphs, lists, subheading, block quotes, footnotes, and poetry. Our team will grant you the authority over the formatting and layout inclusively depending on your selection.


  • You can freely customize its entirety
  • Advanced formatting options
  • Suggested for specialty books like: textbooks, structured poetry, etc.
  • Revisions is limited to three (3) rounds

Disclaimer: Subsequent corrections will be priced depending on its intricacy.

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