Data Entry

Searching for someone to transcribe your manuscript? Allow our team to do the work for you! Lighten your workload and get that handwritten manuscript converted to digital text accurately before the publication takes place.

Standard - $3

Our Standard Data Entry Service lets you convert your printed manuscript into a digital file. Your $3 can go as far as a proficient Standard Data Entry service from a team of experts.

Handwritten - $6

Get your manuscript extracted to an editable digital text file with our Handwritten Data Entry Service. Let our dedicated team do this tedious task of manual conversion that will only cost you $6!


  1. Our team can start rendering the service once a manuscript with a minimum of 18 pages will be forwarded to us.
  2. Please note that our team only offers a basic data entry service which excludes author required formatting such as scene breaks, page numbering, page header, italics and etc.
  3. Our team can only cater English as a medium of language for the manuscripts.
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