Corrections/Revisions Service

Errors or typos in manuscripts are inevitable; and we want to eliminate those mistakes that our authors might have overlooked or missed. Our Corrections/ Revisions Service lets you secure your book’s accuracy and apply some crucial modifications even in the middle of its publication. Rest assured, you are privileged to do the following through this service:

Modify texts, designs, and images of your book, from cover to cover, to further enhance the book’s entire exterior and interior look.

Shift from Black & White print to Full Color.

  • Black & White to Full Color - $409
  • Cover & Interior Files- BW - $49 (plus $2.00 per correction [interior], base fee of $49 for cover)
  • Cover & Interior Files- FC - $69 (plus $2.00 per correction, both interior and cover layout or text)
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