TELASSAR AND SAMARRA by William C. Knowles Bookshop

Earth's humans have discovered two inhabitable planets orbiting a binary star system. They recently received the "second gifts from the gods" which included an interstellar propulsion system. They knew the Pleiadians were also planning to invade the...

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Murphy's War Stories by William C. Knowles Bookshop

Murphy's War Stories spans two wars and is the story of a young man who drops out of high school and joins the US Army to become a paratrooper after the 1968 TET offensive in Vietnam. He completes airborne training and is sent to the famous 82nd A...

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ESCAPE TO PARADISE by William C. Knowles Bookshop

Charlie Benz is young man with a disability who has been kept in the attic of his family home. His uncle and aunt take care of the young man, but the only thing he learns is by looking through the cracks in the attic floor and watching the family te...

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