Oil Field Calculator by Silvestre Cassa Iombo Bookshop

OIL FIELD CACULATOR is a book that describe one the innovator calculator in Oil and Gas have invented. This calculator by name OFC2000 has been registered in Angola and USA, has very unique features that many software many software does not have....

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Oil Industry Value Chain Simulator: 1st Edition by Silvestre Cassa Iombo Bookshop

Silvestre Cassa Iombo is a currently CEO of OIL FIELD Calculator. He has worked on deepwater oilfield projects: Girassol and Jasmim Phase 2, Dália, Rosa, Clov, Gimboa, and Kizomba Satellites; in shallow water oilfield projects: Morsa West. He worked...

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A Guide to DEVELOPMENT OF AN OIL FIELD by Silvestre Cassa Iombo Bookshop

Silvestre Cassa Iombo started working in the Oil Industry in 2001, after completing his training in Petroleum Engineering on December 21, 2001. In 2002, he joined SONANGOL as a trainee production engineer in the SONANGOL Production Department. As...

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