GOODBYE SON - A Family’s Journey by MJ Watson Bookshop

MJ in GOOD BYE SON drags his father, Martin through the last months of his life patient and very frustrated and apparently making no progress. Now twenty three years old having no father in most of his live MJ is determined to change this for him, h...

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Todd, A Man Orphaned - Lead On an Unexpected Path by MJ Watson Bookshop

Todd Taylor in TODD, A MAN ORPHANED after his mother’s recent death discovers a simple memorial prayer card that sets him on a journey hoping to discover who his father was. He was only told his father died before he was born, nothing else. The trut...

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Mirror Image You Can Not Airbrush A Self-Portrait by MJ Watson Bookshop

Doris Stoner in MIRROR IMAGE again confronted with her past realizes that it is time to go back home after forty some years away. She goes back to the family home she knew then; with much humility she desperately wants to straighten out her past wit...

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