Krave : Katrina Sweets at Night My Girls by Katrina Bookshop

Hello, my name is Ebony, a.k.a. Mistress. I run my girls. In this book, you will see how much I love my girls, how I started the circle on 4/25, and how sweet they taste, as well as how I will stop at nothing to please my sexual appetite. See, I hav...

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Krave : Katrina Sweets at Night I CAN’T BREATHE by Katrina Bookshop

Have you ever felt pain from the person you love more than life itself. When they hurt you so deeply, not only do you see RED but you breathe it. When you finally found the courage to love. When you find out there are two types of pain. The pain tha...

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Krave : Katrina Sweets at Night by Katrina Bookshop

Welcome to a fantasy of lust, love, addiction, betrayal, obsession, and pain. Krave  will take you on your sexual journey. This is when someone buries themselves deep inside you, and your air is no longer yours—when the feeling of this person...

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