A Child’s Place

Author: Willie B. Thompson


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A look into the real world the up’s the downs the battle with depression, and anxiety make it even worst. As we follow Shamay through her everyday journey, the journey of dealing with rape and abandonment issues. On top of her anxiety has her falling into a deep depression, will she find her way out or get lost in her pain.

As a child Willie fought through the death of his mother and after losing himself to depression and the streets. It took the birth of his baby girl, to make him see different to wake him up. Now a few

years later and a single man taking care of five kids— two biological children, and three children who he’s raising as his and love them the same. Staying strong after the kids’ mother’s walk out on them, he had to step up and show them something different. Something new and better than they are used to, be a stable role model for them. He had to be a better man and father, his motto is short and simple and he lives by it everyday “My kids will be better than me”.

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Black & White

Pages: 100 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Self-Help

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