Biodiversity Institutes for Conservation and Education

Author: Indigo Taylor-Noguera


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Biodiversity Institutes for Conservation and Education (BICE) is a concept for a non-profit business solution addressing today’s pressing environmental problems such as biodiversity loss, ecosystem/habitat degradation, climate change, and related issues. The concept of BICE is to directly involve communities, of all sizes, in the responsible stewardship of endangered and threatened species, subspecies, and distinct population segments.  This is accomplished through a community’s adoption of one of BICE’s many pre-planned taxonomic institutes; large, medium, and small. BICE designs, plans, and develops zoological facilities called “institutes” accommodating particular taxonomic groups, as well as designs and develops larger “full-fledged” biodiverse zoos, aquariums, and natural history museums. Every citizen and every community can be actively involved in a well-orchestrated, well-designed system of species conservation, and enjoy the holistic benefits of reconnecting with nature. BICE’s mission statement is as follows; “Our Mission at BICE is to promote and integrate research, outreach, and education while conserving the world’s biodiversity and natural resources, with emphasis on the most imperiled, through captive breeding and applied conservation.”

Indigo Taylor-Noguera’s life is, has always been, and will always be about zoology, paleontology, and botany, i.e., the natural world. From his earliest memory, he has known his life would be about working with animals in meaningful ways. His personal belief is that there is nothing more important to  humankind than the conservation and preservation of animals, plants, ecosystems, and fossil resources. Indigo is an avid book collector with more than 2,000 books, encyclopedias, textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines, and field guides related to zoology, paleontology, and the natural sciences. Most of Indigo’s knowledge about animals has been self-taught over his lifetime, through books, the Internet, documentaries, and lectures, as well as personal conversations and correspondence with animal experts and professionals around the world, many of whom he considers personal friends with whom he has shared meaningful dialogue that has contributed to his breadth of knowledge. Indigo has volunteered at various zoos and natural history museums and has visited dozens of zoos, aquariums, and museums in different parts of the United States. Indigo has made thousands of contributions to different online databases related to the natural sciences, particularly and Indigo in 2014, at the age of 21 was the youngest of 8 individuals from around the world (only 2 from the United States) invited by Dr. Jose Ramon Castello to contribute to his nearly 700-page field guide, “Bovids of the World: Antelopes, Gazelles, Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Relatives”, published by Princeton University Press (2016). Indigo has freelanced as an English editor for four published scientific papers authored by scientists in Nepal, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

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