5 Easy to Follow Tips on Staying Inspired as a Writer!

If you are thinking of becoming a writer, you should know one thing. It is a hard road. Some people get into writing because they think that it is a fun pastime and it is easy to do. 

But if you are thinking of writing professionally and publishing a book of your own, you should know that the writing process is a harsh one. And if you don’t have the right perspective, you could lose your motivation to write as a whole. So if you are going to pursue a career as a writer, you should have the right mindset. 

Think of your career as a marathon and not a sprint. And most of all, you should find sources of inspiration that will sustain you through your whole writing career. 

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Here are some easy to follow tips on staying inspired as a writer:

  • Be a wide reader

One way to stay inspired as a writer is to expose yourself to the new literature on a daily basis. By reading new content daily, you are replenishing your stock of inspiration. It will also expose you to new concepts that will help you grow as a writer and it will also make your work more multifaceted and immersive. 

You should not limit yourself to just one genre. Read various genres such as history, philosophy, psychology, fantasy, comedy etc. This will make you better-rounded as a writer. 

You should also be up to date on pop culture and world news. Overall, the more you read the more motivated you will be to write great content.

  • Have meaningful conversations 

Aside from reading on a regular basis, another great source of inspiration is meaningful conversations. This is because meaningful conversations are very intellectually stimulating and they open you to new concepts and perspectives on life. And whatever you learn from these conversations, you can also use them in your writing. 

So make it a habit to have meaningful conversations with the people in your life.

  • Travel

One of the biggest pitfalls of staying motivated as a writer is monotony. This is because a monotonous lifestyle can get boring. And boredom can really affect your will to write. 

So you should really make traveling a part of your life. You don’t really need to go on expensive trips of course. You could travel to the next town or to another state. 

You could go on a quick camping trip. What’s important is that you break away from your routine.

  • Take up other hobbies

Although writing should be the main focus in your life, it does not need to be your only focus. This is because if your only focus is writing, you could get bored and lose motivation in the long run. So it really helps that you take up a variety of hobbies. 

You can try out painting, sculpting, or martial arts. You can take up practically any hobby. What’s important is that you have something to take your mind off writing.

  • Have your work reviewed

If you want to be as proficient a writer as possible, you should never delude yourself. You should be honest with yourself about your writing skills. Only by doing so will you know if you are improving as a writer or not. 

So it is imperative that you have your work reviewed. When you have your work reviewed, don’t get family members and friends to do it. This is because they might honey coat their critique because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

Instead, it is better if you have your work reviewed by professional book reviewers or well-established authors. That way, you will get a blunt but honest review of your work. And although the review might be negative, you could still learn from them and grow as a writer.

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