Mount up the abstract of your story through our Treatment service. Your literary piece deserves a higher spot in the film scene!

This Book-to-Treatment service will smooth your way up with a well-crafted 7-10 page book summary of your anticipated storyboard, bringing attention to the basic elements of the story. The screenplay will be based on your intended storyline and genre that will fit in to the audience’s preference. Take this opportunity to expand your visibility on the silver screen to either your audience or potential movie makers. Earn a full trademarked film that greatly influences a higher number of demographic.

Treatment Package Features include the following:

  • A professional screenwriter will be handling your book and decide what suits perfectly on your book’s genre.
  • A well-crafted 7-10 page treatment will be produced specifying the strategy to produce your manuscript into a movie or a TV series.
  • Directory registration of your treatment serving as a form of publicity to attract attention from the media ladders comprising co-writers, movie reviewers, and producers.
  • To sustain full proprietorship of your treatment, a US Copyright will be rightfully granted for it. You can use your treatment during your pitch arrangements on your screenplay applications.
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