TV Advertising

Television Advertising— this traditional media at any rate is classified among the most influential form of medium in transmitting messages visually to a huge demographic. Television still works as a media source to any visual advertising. We all know how TV advertising increases your media visibility; we want to make use this opportunity to promote your book’s message, or let your audience see a glimpse of your book.

Get hold of Writers Republic’s TV Ad Premiere and carry out a firm brand of your book. Take your literary masterwork to stardom through a national television broadcast for a month. Our TV Ad Premiere is in collaboration with the leading channel networks in designated areas in over 70 locations in US to serve your book’s purpose. We are as excited as you are!

TV Advertising - Book Premiere

  • Book Video Editing and Conversion runs to a 30-second ad duration.
  • TV Ad airing goals on 1000 spots on leading US cable networks for 4 weeks in specific market areas with over 70 locations of your selection.
  • Campaign summary report with complete information of TV Ad airing to be submitted at the end of broadcast period.
  • Online Distribution of Book Video Ad in popular websites like YouTube.
  • FREE Web Design - Standard

Note:This service is only applicable for marketing distribution specifically to US Cable networks only. TV advertising experts will facilitate your advertising campaign and decide which ideal markets to best view your book ad.

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