Online Interview

If you’re more into the economical way of conducting book interviews, then Online Interview is the thing for you. Online Interview is a great alternative over monetized television shows or guestings. Plus your statistical reach gets multiplied due to strong online presence of users that have the potential to acknowledge your work. Among the perks of Online Interview is the prerogative to customize your own video interview, drop off or tailor unwanted dialogues, and underpin all the highlights of your interview for a full explosive growth online.

Online Interview highlights the following:

  • 3-5 minute length of Online Interview using Google Hangout
  • Distribution to 10+ video sharing sites like YouTube
  • Free 1 Round of video editing
  • Link to the professionally edited Online Interview
  • Video posting on author website
  • Video posting on Writers Republic website (feature/announcement) and social media

Note: You have 1 round of video editing for free; however, succeeding edits will incur $350 per round.

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