LA Times Book Ad

With Los Angeles Times holding a huge record of over 2 million subscribers, you can potentially hit a huge number of readers. LA Times, a widely recognized publication in the US, established a partnership with Writers Republic to expand your book’s potential reach through a marketing strategy that taps into the influence of media print through a half-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Art & Book Section, a feature with Uncaged eMagazine publication, and a media release distributed to 1000 media outlets.


  • A slot (1 of 10) in a half-page advertisement - features your book cover, ordering information, and a 15-word blurb of your book in Los Angeles Times Sunday Arts & Books section
  • A complete page ad with a scheduled appearance in the coming issues of Uncaged eMagazine publication
  • LibraryThing Cataloging and tracking of your books
  • 1000 Media Release Distribution

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