E-Book Promotion

Leverage your marketing game plan by registering your book digitally through our E-book Promotion. Branch out your marketing platform in the online prospect and reach a range of other potential reader base. Successful marketing means tapping into all possible area of publicity. A huge percentage of the common folks spend their time online, making your marketing work easier for your brand to be discovered. Your book will be also be showcased in particular social media site, increasing your publicity count in just a snap. Tap in to the social media noise and make your brand a trend!


  • 10 times a day of Tweets to 733,581 Readers for 2 weeks
  • Guaranteed 700+ visitors to your Amazon book page
  • Email & Facebook promotion
  • Book trailer distribution
  • Media Release Campaign [1000 Media Channels]

Please Note: E-book Promotion fits only to books that has earned 3 reviews. Rates are still tentative with no prior notice.

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