Book Preview Program

Create the opportunity for readers to preview some of the most important pages of your book by helping them decide for future purchases. Let your audiences have a sneak peek of your book and help them determine whether they’ve found what they’re looking for. Book Preview Program allows your book to be connected with the  online retailers and top-selling bookstores, which draw millions of online shoppers.

Select the best package for your book.

Searchability Package

Discoverability Package               

Explorability Package  

  • Google Book Preview
  • Newschatter Press Release
  • Google Book Preview
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Newschatter Press Release
  • Google Book Preview
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Kobo Preview Sampler
  • Newswhizz Press Release

Reap the benefits from each feature!

Amazon – Look Inside The Book (LTBP) Program

  • Enhanced search feature.
  • Provides accessibility to your potential market to digitally feel-a-book and purchase it online at the same time.
  • Earn your audience’s approval with the accessible preview

Google – Book Search and Preview

  • Expands the Global Brand Awareness
  • Strengthens your book’s opportunity to be found; that can definitely lead to book sales locally and internationally.
  • Creates Network Traffic.

 Kobo Preview– Sample Chapter

  • Featuring a glimpse of your book functions as a trailer, and calls in pioneering book reviews that will start a buzz on your sale.
  • Apart from giving your audience a slice of your literary expertise, you can boost the audience hype through your video book trailers that will be tagged along with your book.
  • You will now be given the option to sell your book through a widget that you can embed on your website. It is associated with links that will redirect your readers to the resellers’ purchase page.
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