Blog Tour

Spur on your virtual presence via Blog Tour service— this service offers you to get featured and take the spotlight in particular websites where higher chances of public recognition is outlined. This feature is equipped with blog write-ups to be posted within a fixed period. Outstretch your brand recognition to a considerable degree with the effective application of digital and online media blogs, or draw in another batch of potential users that will acknowledge your book!

  • Two-week coverage that includes spotlights, reviews, guest blogs and interviews at a variety of 20+ blogs
  • Personalized Blog Tour Page
  • 1000 Media Channels for Media Release Campaign

Note: We will do everything possible to maintain the conformity between your book genre and its suitable blogs, but we cannot assure you the result. The blog stops will be based on the positive feedbacks of blog owners and their write-ups may or may not be conceptually affiliated to your book genre.

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