If you have ever dreamed of making a movie out of your own book, let our Book to Screenplay package help make it a reality. Writers Republic’s Screenplay service hands over your book story straight to an acclaimed movie producer to strategize a creative storyboard, postproduction, mixed media, and commercial services. We will a guarantee a faithful visual interpretation of the vital events, plot, dialogue, characters, and other elements of your story and draw interest of the viewers as well.

Take your writing career up to the Hollywood film elites!

Screenplay Package Features include the following:

  • A well-crafted 7-10-page treatment will be produced, specifying the strategy to produce your manuscript into a movie or a TV series.
  • A certified screenwriter will transform your book into a promising screenplay while you’re calling the shots on the development, depending on the elements you want to include.
  • Our team will submit the screenplay straight off to a producer to have it evaluated for a movie adaptation or feedback for potential revision.
  • Directory registration of your treatment, serving as a form of publicity to attract attention from the who’s who in the media world, including co-writers, movie reviewers, and producers.
  • To sustain full proprietorship of your treatment, a US Copyright will be rightfully granted to you for the authority to produce your own independent film.

Producer Submission Inclusions:

  • Broad and comprehensive reading, analyzing, and evaluating of your publication
  • An inclusive Book Reading & Adaptation Evaluation Report
  • Creation of Concept Pitch Sheet & 3 Rounds of Logline Development
  • Estimated Turnaround Time: 180 Days

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