Book-to-Screenplay’s Coverage service affords you a more feasible way of putting up an actual screenplay adaptation of the characters and story plot of your book. This expands your story’s opportunity to be spotted and picked by filmmakers to be presented to another demographic array of audience.

Coverage service breaks the perk into three components: a cover sheet, synopsis, and comments. As soon as the books are furnished with these components, recommendation follows to several film productions or movie studios. Spread out your visibility to a variety of movie prospects.

Coverage of service includes the following:

  • A meticulously arranged summary featuring the characters and events in your book.
  • A practical and useful critique about the highs and lows of your book, which can feasibly be an edge for your book’s eligibility for film adaptation.
  • A US Copyright will be granted to you for your book, which you can work to your advantage during your pitch engagements on your press kit distribution.

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