USRB Feature

Landing a spot in the list of authors with remarkable credits in the writing industry is a prestige every writer looks for. Let’s make that happen with US Review of Books. With a total of 15,000 subscribers, your book review will amass a higher number of audience and market value as well. Apart from its honest appraisal, your book review will be featured on USRB’s site and will be considered as an automatic entry to the Eric Hoffer Award—a highly regarded accolade awarded to writers for their excellent writing.

  • USRB book review
  • Automatic entry to the Eric Hoffer Book Award
  • Reviews Placement on Uncaged eMag – 2-page book showcase
  • 10- to 15-minute radio interview
  • Free cover revision option to include the book review blurb

Note: The book reviews are based on professional critics’ perspective. Reviewers of your book's category will evaluate your work and provide you a copy of their feedback before publication takes place. Cover revision is limited to Writers Republic authors only.

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