Book Autographing

Autographed books are every reader’s prized possession. As an author, you could provide your readers that opportunity. We can help you how. The book autograph service endeavors to strengthen your reader base and personal communication with bibliophiles. Let Writers Republic take charge of your book signing events by signing you up on prestigious international and national book fairs that you can participate in, with audience of varied demography where you can further endorse your literary work.

Book Autographing benefits include the following:

  • Book-signing time for 1 hour
  • Title display (1 Print)
  • Book autographing badge
  • Inclusion of your book in the show catalog
  • Shipping and storage of the books to the show location
  • Announcement of the autographing in preshow mailing to local librarians
  • Onsite poster at the fair announcing the signing
  • Media release—2,000 channels (US only)
  • WR website feature
  • WR social media feature

Book Autographing Categories:

  • National
  • International

Disclaimer: The books to be distributed, author transportation, and hotel accommodation are not part of the benefits or service.

National book signing rate does not include BookExpo America.

Note: We can deliver 100 copies of your book for autograph session, or you may hand-carry your books to the book fair. We greatly suggest that you do not charge your book to promote reader base.

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