Developmental Editing

$0.079/per word

This style of editing touches upon the structural and overall manuscript content. Contrary to the rest of the editing styles, it goes down the line to the scenario, pacing, character portrayal, and the setting. Our practiced developmental editors’ pick out their earnest insights to bring out the rightful mood of your story that will best go into.


Developmental reviews the following specifics:

  • Perspective
  • Point of View
  • Character Voice
  • Character Development
  • Plot Structure
  • Overall Theme
  • Overall Consistency
  • Overall Weaknesses within the Story.

Criteria for Developmental Editing:

  •  For fiction writing, our expert editors will emphasize on reviewing the readership and genre to decide whether the content is suitable. Afterwards, the elements comprising the storyline, pace, characterization, and dialogue will be reviewed as well.
  • For nonfiction manuscripts, our editor will scrutinize the optimal use of the work to assess is the ampleness and the appropriateness of the content, ideas are developed sufficiently, factual assertions are precise, and the material is regimented; ensuring that all lists, displays, and illustrations are used in practice throughout the editing process.

Note: All editing services have a 5,000-word minimum charge. We advise you to undergo your manuscript a copyediting process after the structural editorial process.

  • Allocated Time of Fulfillment runs two to three weeks based on the company’s work backlogs and manuscript intricacy.
  • This Structural Editorial Service can only be availed within the production phase, but can’t cater to books that has been printed or already displayed to be sold off.


  • Only one FREE revision or modification will be granted; the succeeding revisions to be conducted after the first one will apply the Standard rate.
  • Please ensure that all requested alterations or corrections will be forwarded.
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