Proficient $6,599

Give life to the story you write. Proficient package grants you a heap of interior layout add-ons, and features that will exceed the mediocre standards of book-publishing. The following features such as Indexing, Teaser- Book Video marketing service, and a Coral Web Design service is surfaced to heat up your book’s credibility online. Just name it, and Proficient package will do the job for you!



  • Paperback
  • Hardback
  • E-book
Interior Layout

Interior Layout

  • Standard Text & Layout Formatting
  • Custom Text & Layout Formatting
  • Data Entry
  • Up to 60 000 words of Copyediting
  • Up to 60 000 words of Indexing
  • Citations - Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Author Photo & Cover Art
  • Custom Designed Cover
  • Supply Your Own Cover
  • 7 Rounds of Author Alterations Service
  • Standard Cover Design Service
  • 100 Number of Allotted Images
  • 100 Number of Images for Enhancement
Galleys and Copies

Galleys and Copies

  • Electronic Galleys
  • 1 Paperback Author Copy
  • 1 Hardback Author Copy
  • 10 Paperback Book Copies
  • 4 Hardback Book Copies
Registrations and Web

Registrations and Web

  • ISBN & Books in Print Registration
  • Worldwide Distribution & Online Listing
  • Author Homepage & Book Page
  • Online Sales & Royalty Accounting
  • Library of Congress Registration
  • U.S. Copyright Registration
  • Writers Portal Account
  • Author Volume Discount
  • E-Book Distribution


  • Set Your Price (SYP)
  • 100% Royalty Program
  • Bookstore Returnability


  • 250 Business cards
  • 100 Postcards
  • 5 Posters
  • Google Book Preview
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Kobo - Chapter Preview
  • Social Media Setup Guide
  • Social Media Training Video
  • Standard Web Design
  • Standard - Half Page Digital Magazine
  • 1000 Media Release Campaign
  • Preview Book Video

Disclaimer: The displayed rates exclude any pertinent benefit, sale volume, surcharges, products and services, any other charges or tax, which will be added to the total amount once purchase is made. Please note that the rates indicated are comprised of book copies alongside shipping and handling fees that will be totaled and charged to your account once book is open to the public for selling.

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