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The book Wish Her Godspeed will go over many walks through life in the transition of adolescence into young adult discovery. Expressing actions of growth, self-love, and overcoming pain through the relationships we have with friends, family, lovers, and ourselves, obstacles are always going to arise, but understanding that this is part of the journey is what carried me through. Finding balance amongst the chaos is a relatable stage all young adults go through in self-discovery. Wish Her Godspeed is about all the different types of emotions one feels at the beginning of a lifetime: heartbreak, grief, anger, sadness, confusion, and frustration, yet the will to shed light on happiness, transition, and love after the downpour. How uplifting, empowering, and inspiring it is to realize what your strength and courage can do for you.

Isabella Tear, at the time of creating this book, was a 19-year-old aspiring poet. Having worked 2-3 jobs throughout her high school and college career, she managed to graduate from the University of Washington as a First-gen. Being fully enveloped in her desire to create, she double majored in Culture, Literature, and Arts and Media Communication Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. Throughout Isabella’s upbringing, she lived with separated parents from a young age, faced grieving over deaths, and struggled with her relationships with family, friends, and first loves. After being published in a Washington poem collection last year, it sparked her inspiration to publish a book entirely of her work. Getting more in touch with her spirituality and challenging herself with different means of work allowed her to expand her skills and strive towards being someone who is multifaceted.

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Pages: 100 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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