Why Do Married Men Cheat: Real Men in Real Relationships Telling Their Real Stories

Author: MS. HITCH


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Why Do Married Men Cheat is a series of stories that gives real insight into the minds of men and their reasons for infidelity. Unlike any other text, this is real, this is authentic, this holds truth far beyond what I can write because it's not my story, it's theirs and nobody can tell it better than them. I gave these men the floor to share their experiences with raw emotion and raw filters that gives people the highly anticipated answer the star stellar question everyone's been asking... Why? I follow up with my own professional intel that provides some guidance to help my readers go about their trials in a different light perhaps to avoid these kinds of disruptions in their future lives and relationships.

Ms. Hitch is the Lifestyle Love Influencer, who is embarking on new territory when it comes to love. She redefines what "Keeping it 100" really means. Ms. Hitch has an interesting blend of natural intuition with the disciplined training of a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a master’s degree holder in Psychology. She uses this approach to help people become aware of their self-value, making them a more attractive candidate to others. Ms. Hitch is a Solutionaire! She cuts deep into the broken minds of people and repairs their perspectives piece by piece. With a life story out of this world and wisdom she's gained over the years from her own experiences and others, she has hand-tailored a method of coaching that is world renowned. Ms. Hitch is a relationship game changer who holds the tools to successful partnerships amongst people by shifting your mindset as an individual so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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