The War Between Light and Dark

Author: Naomi Rose


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The War Between Light and Dark is in it's own way, a story that Naomi believes most everyone has experienced; The story of suffering turning into strength. It's a collection of poetry that is split up into two sections: Dark and light. This book will take readers through a journey of loneliness, trauma, mental illness, shame, heartbreak, and more. This first half is where the breaking takes places; where the darkness consumes it's victims; where all hope seems lost. Although, just like any dark tunnel, there's a light at the end. The second half consists of peace, strength, self-love, spirituality, comfort, forgiveness and all the happiest, and hopeful happenings. This is to be encouragement, a reminder that you are never alone. Each poem itself tells a story and serves its own unique purpose. This is The War Between Light and Dark.

Naomi Rose O'Leary is a junior from a small town in Iowa. She is an artist, writer, and musician who developed her passion for the creative arts at a young age. Even with school, show choir, and work keeping her busy, she made an effort to write every chance she could. She'd been inspired by others' honesty and vulnerability in their writing; wanting to impact others just like she'd been impacted. After working on this project for a year, Naomi's writing and illustrations were put together, and The War Between Light and Dark was born.

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Black & White

Pages: 204 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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