Rise of the Phoenix: The Well of Magic, Book 2

Author: M.G. King


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After suffering a defeat to the dark lord Caedus must become stronger. The overseer of the realm decided for him, his adoptive sister Emilia, and the king's ward Alanna to become the new Phoenix Squadron, but first, they must find Spartacus, the legend from the stories and Caedus' grandfather, only he knows of the magic that could be a threat to Lord Mathis.

In secret, the dark lord resurrected Cedric and erased his memories to keep him as his most powerful follower. Cedric and Lord Mathis are gathering an army to take over Cresthill and kill the king, but could the newly appointed phoenix squadron find Spartacus and become powerful enough to save the kingdom?

A tale of new friends and adventure awaits......

M.G. King is an American author who resides in New Jersey and has lived there most of his life. with the inspiration from the storytelling of George Lucas and of the fantasy greats such as Robert Jordan and Tolkein, he weaves new adventures in his head to release to the world to enjoy

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Black & White

Pages: 276 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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