Poetry: A Sufi Approach

Author: Imtiyaz Dewji


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Sufi poetry is both complex and yet, very simple in its approach because it only focuses on Lord Almighty and relevance, and revealing of Lord Almighty to All that ever exists. While Lord Almighty is on Pre-eternal Plane, soul is on Eternal Plane which originates from Pre-eternal Plane to encompass also, Temporal and Material Planes. Poetry is one way to explain relationship between fourth planes in existence via use of symbols and special expressions.

Born from parent of Persian and South Asian descent, and having traveled extensively across the globe, I have developed an appreciation for subtleties of and in life. I strongly therefore, believe in other realms and dimensions that are beyond the materially logical and human mind. My publications shall always then, focus on aspects of Esoteric dimensions which may not have been covered before by any other comparable writer.

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Pages: 106

Genre: Poetry

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