A Mystery in Winters Park

Author: Barbara Pierce


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When Dempsey squirrel reveals that some of his winter food is missing from his storage spaces, the other residents of Winters Park become suspicious. His suggestion that the status of their food be checked as well, sets off accusations regarding his motives. Is he trying to find where they’ve hidden their food? Or Does he plan to steal some later? They think whatever his motives are, they can’t be good! So getting his community to cooperate is a hard sell for Dempsey. They fail to understand they may be facing a common threat. The squirrel’s only motive is for them to be sure they still have what was stored to sustain them through the Winter. There really isn’t enough food left or time left to replenish what may be missing. The mystery that unfolds in this park will certainly catch one off guard. Prepare to be surprised!

Author Barbara A. Pierce, retired teacher since 2003, continues to write books that many children enjoy in their spare time. In each of her works, she cleverly includes relevant concepts and skills she deems worth reinforcing. Her readers seem to appreciate the challenge. She maintains her activities as a read-a-loud volunteer in some local schools keep her abreast of her readers’ needs.

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Pages: 24 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Juvenile

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