From My Unconventional Heart

Author: Hayley N. Chow


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From My Unconventional Heart consists of intimate poems based on true tales. Each entry is inspired by one single thought or memory, no matter how fleeting.

The book is divided into three chapters. Each chapter explores a different mental and emotional stage in life. Each story is fashioned for self-reflection. Both the beautiful and the ugly. Themes that are reviewed in the book include:

Mistrust vs. hope

Shame vs. will

Guilt vs. purpose

Isolation vs. love

From My Unconventional Heart is an invitation to join Hayley in Wonderland as she wanders aimlessly through the fascinating maze called life.

Hayley grew up in front of a magic paintbrush. She watched her mother slather colors of the rainbow on

various surfaces. Her mother’s monumental murals were her favorite.  Safe to say, this inspired Hayley to pursue the arts, eventually finding herself in the fashion industry. She has always been an escapist. Oftentimes, she retreats to journaling and indulging in Old Hollywood films to find inspiration for both fashion and writing. These

moments are when she feels most at home. 

Hayley’s forte has always been self-expression through art. She is elated to know that her writing and other artistic ventures has resonated with and brought pure joy to others.

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Pages: 94 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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