Author: Dr. Derek Guyton BA, ED.M., M.Div., D.D., D. Min.


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I had to lay is aside several times then resume reading, proofing because I was soooo ignorant as to the torment and suffering of persons who live in mental illness… the daily struggles, the lack of compassion and understanding from parents, siblings… of course passers by. No help. No hope. I wept. I told you that I did not believe that I could or would be able to do the proofing. There was too much hurt on your pages. I’ve been enlightened.


Deb [1st editor - unsolicited]


Your heart and passion (and, indeed, your heartbreak) are inspiring and compelling. Your advocacy for First Responders, especially, is Christ-like.


AP [2nd editor - unsolicited]]


Yes! And your book is like an Encyclopedia of info for everyone! I had to put it down a many emotions, memories, and tips to help with my daughters. I haven’t found a single topic you’ve missed.

This book is the Bible for mental health families...they can always skip the information they don’t need.

Your experiences are a baseline for your readers. Derek, this is exceptional. I actually asked God for a guideline in print & here it is. Back to my reading…


Meri [3rd editor - unsolicited]]

Confession can be good for the soul but bad for your reputation. My reputation has been shot since 2007. Confession by this book is good for my soul. I am 72 years old as of 2021. I have not ministered in the church since I got sick in 2007. Embarrassment has already taken its course. What am I trying to protect? I was more concerned about protecting my reputation because I am supposed to be a Christian.

So, I will just say it, I have been hospitalized 21 times and had 21 car accidents. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia, chronic schizoid affective type (including bipolar I) since 1974. (47 years.) I was a public-school teacher, CEO of two computer companies, and pastored two churches. I have a B.A. degree, two master’s degrees, two doctorate degrees, and received two parenting awards. I am an oxymoron.

For me, the stigma in the church was the worst. I must deal with sin and sickness. The sin is spiritual failure and demonic influence. Before I became a Christian, I was hiding my mental sickness not sin.

This book is written for the family and friends with a loved one with mental health challenges. It will also serve well for those with mental illness. I offer you to laugh, cry and, get angry with me as you read this book and experience my journey


Dr. Derek Guyton BA, ED.M., M.Div., D.D., D. Min

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