The Manifestation of the Book of the World

Author: Alistair Simon


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The book I have written is titled "The Manifestation of the Book of the World". The ideas in this book were brought together through my own experiences in life as well as sources from the Holy Bible. The introduction paragraph gives general information about my life, love life, and family. There are thirteen chapters in this book; the first chapter refers to B.C, the Bible, and how the world came to be. As the chapters go on, it transitions from B.C to the modern-day while including references, opinions, and the connection between the two periods.

My name is Alistair Simon, I am sixty-six years old and I was born and raised in the small country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I have three sons who all currently reside in Canada while my sisters and brothers live with me in S.V.G with the exception of one brother that lives in America. Primarily, I do trucking as a full-time occupation but this was before I one day found the inspiration to share my insights of the world in the form of a book titled "The Manifestation of the Book of the World".

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