Little Brave One: Based on a True Story

Author: KASEY O'Connor


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Rowan is your typical sassy, tomboy type girl. When she is told that she has an aggressive cancer at 48 years old, she can’t help but laugh hysterically at the doctor. She uses her awkward humor and positive outlook on the crazy things happening to her, like she does with everything.

Going through this self defeating journey, trying to survive and self heal, she looks back at her life and everything that built her into a brave women and a survivor. Being homeless as a child, dealing with a suicide, having her own near death experience and almost losing her own son are just a few of the memories she revisits that teaches her that she is a warrior, a brave one that can beat anything.

This is an inspiring book that is based on a true story, with a surprise ending. It will leave you with the feeling that you too can face the darkest times when they come up in this life, head on and still find the sunshine.

Kasey O’Connor is a first time author. She has done acrylic nails for over thirty years. She wrote this book in three months while healing from a terminal cancer. Kasey ironically and recently has beat stage four lung cancer in just two short months using her meditation, all natural stuff, a dog dewormer and of course some radiation from Dr. D.

She lives in beautiful Michigan. She has two adult children and two crazy grandchildren. She is still continuously surrounded by her supportive friends, family and a strong loving community. You can always find her dancing in the moonlight.

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Black & White

Pages: 228 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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