The Last Protector: The Well of Magic Book 3

Author: M.G. King


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After his defeat in the battle of Cresthill, Lord Mathis has been severely injured and inching closer to death. The only thing that could save him now is to break into the well of magic. "It's over Lord Mathis, there is nowhere to run anymore. It's the end of the line." The Overseer said with a most serious face.

"You still don't understand!" Lord Mathis Bellowed. "Caedus and Cedric are gone! The wizards no longer pose a threat to me! You and the goddess don't have the stomach to stop me. This world is already mine; you just haven't realized it yet." The Overseer has been ordered by the goddess to not interfere with mortal affairs, but enough is enough. He raised his staff towards the dark lord. "The Heirs of the Champion are not the only ones who could stop you!"

M.G. King resides in New Jersey where he has lived most of his life. He grew up making fanfiction for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and soon enough, he created stories of his own. Inspired by the storytelling of the greats such as George Lucas, Brandon Sanderson, and Tolkien, his sole goal in life is to create original and enjoyable stories in this dark age of unoriginality in today's world.

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Black & White

Pages: 274 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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